How: To drive a wheelchair with your eyes (Generation 2)

In my previous post, I covered how Microsoft found the motivation to help create technology for people living with ALS and how we started our first »

Why: To drive a wheelchair with your eyes

This summer, Microsoft hosted a company wide hackathon called //oneweek. This wasn't the first hackathon here at Microsoft -- I had already participated in three over »

iBeacon Warfare

Today I took my three and six year old daughters out to a local mall in Bellevue, WA to buy shoes, eat frozen yogurt, and scan »

Quick diversion: how to use ngx-queue

In my last blog post, I noted that I was working on Reflecta which is a communications protocol for talking from a PC to an Arduino. »

Much work on RocketBot and Reflecta

I've been busy updating the source code and design documentation for Rocket Bot. You can now find: Design files for the base plates, pneumatic system, and »