PR for Startups

On June 20th, I attended the Seattle Angel Conference Meetup "PR for Startups", a round table by Kevin Pedraja of VoxusPR and Bill Hankes, Founder & CEO of Sqoop.

Best questions of the night, "If you are a startup and you do only do one thing, what should it be?"

  1. Get to know the top 1-2 reporters who cover your field.

  2. Read their articles to understand what's interesting to them, and comment on their site on what you find insightful.

  3. Reporters use Twitter to talk with each other and comment on each other's ideas, join that conversation by reading their articles, find a quotable statement (which demonstrates that you read and understood the article), then tweet a link to their article with that statement as the body.

Other tips shared are:

Create a PressKit for your startup

Create a webpage off your website. It can be a hidden link that you only send to press. It should contain:

  1. A one line statement about your startup

  2. A one paragraph statement about your startup

  3. Team background with professional headshots. Seattle Startup Week has a profile photographer to do this for you. Sometimes also at the Microsoft Company Store in Bellevue has a photographer to do the same.

  4. High res (print) and low res (online) logos & media of your product

  5. Customer quotes & stories

When you want them to write an article about you...

  1. Write the contents of article you want to see on your blog. It can be a private or public post, they will generally prefer a private post.

  2. Send them an email with "would you be interested in a story about..." with the general idea, not the details

  3. Be careful with embargos (don't publish before date xx/yy/zz) not to share details before they agree in email. If one reporter follows the embargo but another breaks the embargo (because they didn't agree first), you risk harming your relationship with the waiting reporter(s).

For more great conversations about startups and Angel Investing in Seattle, take a look at our our upcoming Meetups. Seattle Angel Conference round XII is kicking off now and will be investing in our next great startup on November 15th.